Concorso Italiano 2024

The Best of Italy at the Monterey Car Week, reinvented

  • Under new ownership, the 2024 edition of Concorso Italiano will take place on Saturday, August 17th, 2024, at the Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course on The Monterey Peninsula in California.
  • An elegant celebration of Italy’s unique attitude towards design, lifestyle and mobility, which endures the test of time and looks at the future.
  • This year’s edition will be the first step of an ambitious five-year plan aiming at further elevating the event as “The Preeminent Italian Lifestyle Event” outside Italy.
  • The new Pininfarina Classiche certification program makes its US debut at Concorso Italiano.
  • Walter De Silva, Ambassador of Italian Excellence in the world, will author the design of the Best of Show Award for 2024 and beyond.
  • Concorso Italiano will bring together cars, motorcycles and other vehicles along with all other beloved Italian cultural elements of fashion, music, art, cuisine and design, surrounded by never ending love and passion for Italian cars and lifestyle.
  • While the core values and themes of Concorso Italiano are unchanged, a wealth of new experiences and shows will enrich the format of the event, giving attendees many opportunities to get a glimpse of La Dolce Vita, the Italian way.

Milan, June 5th, 2024 – Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled Italian excellence at the reinvented Concorso Italiano, the landmark event for enthusiasts of Italian motors and lifestyle during the Monterey Car Week. 2024 marks a significant turning point for the 39-year-old event, as it embarks on its next chapter under a new ownership represented by the new Chairman, long-time entrepreneur, car collector and Concorso Italiano patron Richard De Andrade. A new freshly-designed path and experience, which writes an exciting new page in the long history of the event.

A celebration of Italian motors and lifestyle

Now animated by a new vision aiming at enhancing its core values while bringing the event to new heights, in 2024 Concorso Italiano will transcend car shows as we are used to imagining them. No longer a mere car parade, the event will be a celebration of the Italian lifestyle in its entirety, from beloved automotive design (cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, with plans for further extensions) to exquisite art, design, fashion, technology and, of course, delectable Italian cuisine. The Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course, proud home to Concorso Italiano for many years, will again become the go-to outpost of Itay during Monterey Car Week, a picturesque setting overlooking the Central Coast of California where guests will savour delicious Italian food and fine wines while contemplating the best of the Italian automotive culture and getting a sound grasp of the Italian way of living. Participants at Concorso Italiano will be transported to the heart of La Dolce Vita, having access to a set of truly unforgettable experiences. The event will consist of over 5,000 sqm of usable space, elegantly adorned by exquisite examples of Italian craftmanship and sense of beauty: a delightful wonderland which is expected to welcome an unprecedented number of fine Italian cars in 2024.

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