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TUC.tiny and TUC.modular dashboard World Premiere at Viva Technology 2024 in Paris, May 22-25.

Paris, 15 May 2024 – Just over a month after the Digital World Premiere, TUC.tiny is ready to make its debut at VivaTech 2024, the most important technology fair in Europe. In Hall 1, Pavilion 41, TUC S.r.l. will present to the public for the first time its latest technological innovation : TUC.tiny®, the Modular Dashboard concept, and the offering, developed to revolutionize the world of mobility.

TUC.tiny® is the compact version of the industrialized technology launched last year, based on the® patent and released in over 140 countries. It is currently the subject of collaborations with industry leaders such as ZER01NE, the Hyundai Motor Group’s Open Innovation Platform, for the development of “Human-centric” vehicles.

This technological gem is based on the three pillars of TUC: mechanical structure, electronic management, and data exchange. Thanks to the integration of USB Type-C technology, TUC.tiny® aims to reinvent the interaction between users and vehicles, converging mobility and everyday life.

The result of advanced research by TUC S.r.l. in technological miniaturization and simplification, TUC.tiny® represents the core of the company’s patented technology, designed to innovate the value chain in the mobility sector with a “human-centric” approach. It is an ideal solution for both the main players in the sector and users, representing a perfect synthesis of their needs.

The Modular Dashboard, developed to showcase the potential of TUC.tiny®, is a true blank canvas, customizable infinite times thanks to TUC.tiny® and®. An environment to inhabit and configure without limits, adapting functionally and flexibly to the needs of users.

With TUC.tiny® and its advanced interface – including physical fastening, electrical connectivity, and data transfer – any device can be integrated into the modular dashboard design, making it immediately operational. TUC.tiny® supports all everyday devices with USB Type-C connection, distinguishing itself by seamlessly blending into any part of the vehicle. Its robustness is ensured by a mechanical or electro-actuated locking mechanism, introducing the novelty of NFC technology for added security.

The introduction of TUC.tiny® completes the® offering, marking a step forward towards the democratization of technology. The gateway to an advanced mobility experience becomes wider, easily accommodating the smart objects that animate our daily lives.

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